Special interest groups & task forces

Collaborative innovation across teams, geographic locations and disciplines is crucial to the GÉANT community. Working groups such as task forces and special interest groups help GÉANT, national research and education network (NREN) organisations, other research and education bodies, and service and ​technology providers to collaborate, share experience and guide future developments of networking services and technology. 


Grass roots and world experts are welcome. They meet to explore emerging issues in research and education networking, collectively develop strategies and solutions, and test innovative ideas. Many of these can be adopted by GÉANT in its research programmes or service development activities, or by the research and education networking community generally.


Secretariat support for task forces (TFs) and special interest groups (SIGs) is provided by GÉANT with funding through the GÉANT (GN4-2) Project.


​To find out how to get involved, contact the secretary of the group you wish to join.

arrow_icon.jpg SIG-ISM: In​​f​​ormatio​​n Security Management

Develo​ping security expertise and excellence within the NREN community.​​

arrow_icon.jpg SIG-NOC​​: Netwo​​rk Opera​​​​tions Ce​​​​​ntres

​​​Sharing and creating​​ common best practices for m​anagement of Network Operations Centres (NOCs).​

arrow_icon.jpg​​ SIG-Greenhouse: Open Source ​Community 

​​​Supporting open-source software development and sustainability

arrow_icon.jpg TF-CSIRT: Computer Se​​curity​​ Incident ​​​Response Teams

Coordinating training, services​​​ and knowledge-exchange for security teams worldwide.

arrow_icon.jpg SIG-Multimedia: Multimedia applications

Facilitating technology and service interoperability and sharing knowledge about multimedia solutions.

arrow_icon.jpgS​IG-CISS: Cloudy Interoperable Software Stacks​

Sharing and collaborating on cloud infrastructure software stacks, platforms and research workflows

arrow_icon.jpgTF-RED: Research Engagement Development​

Developing methods for NRENs to engage with research communities 

arrow_icon.jpgSIG-​TNE: Transnational Education​​

Addressing technological challenges in the delivery of international education​

arrow_icon.jpg SIG-SCOPE: Sustainable, Community, Practice Exchange​​

Providing experience and resources to IT professionals in research and education.

arrow_icon.jpg SIG-Marcomms: Marketing Communications​

​Sharing and collaborating on marketing, communica​tions and public relations.

arrow_icon.jpg ​​SIG-MSP: Management of Service Portfolios​​​​

Supporting management across the product life cycle and sharing service ideas.


SIG-PMV:​ Performance Monitoring and Verification

Identifying and establishing best practices for wired/wireless networks
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