​eduVPN - Securing access for remote staff and students


​Service description

The purpose of eduVPN is to provide a more secure access to public and private networks for the international research and education community. The essential eduVPN user experience should be: “open your laptop and be securely online”.

eduVPN service instances offered by NRENs or universities, research labs, etc. (hereafter called "Institutes") alw students, researchers and staff from participating institutions to obtain a VPN on their devices to known end-points.

​Key Benefits

​Campus IT
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​Easy-to-use - No technical skills required for client installation.
​No on-site HW or software required.
​Based on open standards and designed for authenticated private access and secure browsing.

​Enhances privacy of public Internet access.
​Provides end-to-end protection for remote staff and students.

eduVPN can be deployed in two main use cases:

  • Secure and privacy preserving access from public networks: by providing secure gateways to trusted networks that end-users can tunnel to when using unsecure networks (e.g. in particular public wifi hotspots).
  • Institute access to private networks: a “corporate VPN” solution, where end-users can access internal resources within the internal network of their university. In this case, eduVPN has similar functionalities as a typical VPN concentrator box. The service can also be used to connect different campuses or networks (VLAN’s) within a single institution.

In GN4-3 eduVPN is offered as a software which is deployable by any NREN or institutes that are interested. The software source code (both server and client sides) and documentation can be found here: https://github.com/eduvpn/documentation

The server installation guide is found here: https://github.com/eduvpn/documentation/blob/master/README.md#deployment

The installable client apps are currently found here: https://app.eduvpn.nl/

More Information
For more information about eduVPN visit the eduVPN website.

Contact the eduVPN team.

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