​Trust and identity

The ability for research teams to collaborate across organisations and borders is a crucial advantage. 
The development of effective trust and identity systems is vital for GÉANT and the wider research and education community.

This research focuses on enhancing the technologies that are currently used to provide federated access. The research also explores emerging technologies that:
  • could eventually offer an alternative to SAML;
  • offer better support for groups in distributed environments;
  • ​develop support tools for identity federation operators and service providers to ensure that best practices are followed.

If not addressed, these aspects may hinder wide adoption of research and education identity federations, and consequently of the eduGAIN interfederation service, and the deployment of other GÉANT services


The work follows two research strands:

  • Attributes and groups: implement support for groups in identity federations; investigating​ attribute management models where attributes are also provided by third parties sources.​​
  • Trust and identity technologies: ​create a bridge between SAML2 (the standard used by the research and education identity federations) and OAuth2 as well as OpenID (the preferred choice of the commercial providers).​