​Network architectures

One of the visions of future networking is to develop an infrastructure where research teams are able to create, manage and break down project-specific networks without the need to involve campus or NREN (national research and education networking organisation) network support teams.

This will increase the productivity of research projects and dramatically reduce the costs involved in building these customised networks.


In order to fulfil this 'zero-touch' vision, it is important to understand and evaluate the current trends and technologies in the physical and logical domains. GÉANT will undertake a feasibility study of the technologies used within these concepts. Technologies for the study include: 

  • alien wavelength techniques;

  • techniques for providing high-bandwidth pipes (modulation, super channels, flexible grid, etc.);

  • bandwidth slicing, such as OTN and optical gateways for providing direct photonic access;

  • Software Defined Networking and the ability to deliver 'self service' networks across research and education infrastructure​.​