Research programmes

Research and education networking has always been at the forefront of technology and GÉANT is no exception. 


research_banner_new.jpgThe core goal of GÉANT is to offer seamless availability of networking, data and computing services across the community and to work with other e-infrastructure providers. The research that we undertake is aimed at furthering this goal. The key impacts of this work will be:

  • continued development of national and international backbone networks - supporting​ the developing ​requirements of the research and education community;

  • wider cooperation with enterprises across Europe - working with commercial service providers and industrial partners to accelerate the development of innovative solutions to support the community;

  • reducing the Digital Divide in Europe - providing access in all of Europe's regions to high-performance networks and services to create new possibilities for science and culture;

  • enabling collaboration - providing seamless access and identity services to allow individuals and teams to work together and move freely around the world.

To support these aims, GÉANT undertakes ​a range of activities tailored to foster collaboration across the community and to support the needs of research and education.

Collaborative r​​​esearch pro​gramm​​es

Much of the research is funded through the GÉANT Project, and is vital to ensure that the network and the services provided are cutting edge and fit for purpose. Experts from across the GÉANT community are brought together to pursue r​esearch activities, in:

​By being technology and supplier neutral, this research contributes greatly to innovation leadership in networking services across Europe. 

In order to ensure the research activities of GÉANT are closely focused on supporting the research and education community, GÉANT works closely with industry, decision makers and the wider community to identify the opportunities and challenges over the 5-10 year timeframe.​

Standards development​

GÉANT is highly active in guiding and influencing international standards development - ensuring interoperability across the research and education community. Successful standards speed up the adoption of new technologies by enabling competition between innovators.​