Trading ​n​​​ame and​​​ l​egal​​ ​status

GÉANT is the collective trading name of the GÉANT Association in Amsterdam, NL, and of GEANT Limited in Cambridge, UK.

  • GEANT Limited, trading as GÉANT. Registered in England & Wales. Registration Number 2806796. Registered Office – City House, 126-130 Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 1PQ

  • The GÉANT Association is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam: registration number 40535155

Whilst separate legal entities with their own staff and financial arrangements, both offices trade under the unified brand of GÉANT.​

Membersh​ip docume​​​​nts​

Certified copy of Deed of Amendment of the Articles of Association (pdf)

GÉANT Associatio​n Bylaws ​(pdf)​​