The case for NRENs

Helping to define and promote the case for new and continuing networking organisations.

Image: NREN Case Review Group


Within Europe, the Task Force on Management of Service Portfolios (TF-MSP) is developing a new 'Case for NRENs' document that will reflect the political, technical and economic situation faced by existing national research and education networking organisations (NRENs) today. A previous document, published in 2009, was promoted, cited and well-received around the world. However, since then the role of many NRENs has moved on and it is time to once again draw together the evidence and arguments supporting NRENs and the 'special status' that they enjoy in many countries.


A resource portal

The original Case for NRENs document is included in a new online repository of materials that also includes a collation of political, socio-economic and technical arguments and a 'How to set up an NREN' toolkit. This 'one-stop shop' for NRENs to find information and access tools was coordinated and produced by GÉANT in its global networking capacity, with this work driven primarily by the needs of regional network organisations outside Europe. This website provides a resource particularly for NRENs that are getting started and need guidance, advice and arguments to justify their existence. But there is much of value also to Europe's NRENs.


Visit the Case for NRENs portal.


When the new TF-MSP Case for NRENs document is published you'll​ find it here.