Life at GÉANT

​"Reaching new​​​ heights"

Tell us about ​your role at GÉANT

I look after the SharePoint infrastructure and my job is to make it useful for all members of staff and the GÉANT community. We use SharePoint as a back-end system for our website and as a document management solution; one of my objectives is to look at ways of further expanding the use of this system. I am currently working on the automation of the back-end infrastructure, the design of new solutions and services for end-users and the provision of support for such services. In order to deliver an expandable and future-proof solution it’s paramount that I am aligned with, and have full understanding of the organisation’s structure, future goals, objectives and value proposition.​

Why do you like working at GÉANT?

I consider myself very privileged as I am able to enjoy full autonomy, independence and freedom within my role, but at the same time I am very conscious that such advantages inevitably go hand in hand with demanding challenges and great levels of responsibility. My role is fairly new for GÉANT: I have the exciting possibility to grow professionally and proactively define, choose and promote solutions and initiatives that will ultimately benefit the entire organisation and its wider community. 

GÉANT’s environment is truly unique and very different to anywhere I have worked before. I am surrounded by so many talented colleagues; I am inspired every day by what the organisation stands for and am motivated by the incredible value we provide to the global research community and, ultimately, to society. I love the stimulating atmosphere in our Amsterdam office, here I feel constantly fuelled with new ideas and the motivation to try to reach new heights.

robert_mobile.jpgAbout Robert

I joined GÉANT in 2016 from Microsoft in Dublin where I worked for 2 years as a service reliability engineer for SharePoint online. After focusing on such a large scale project that comprised the deployment of over 90,000 servers, I was ready for the new challenges that the new role at GÉANT offered.