​Life at GÉANT

​"The sky’s the limit"

What do yo​u do at GÉANT?

I work as an IT engineer in GÉANT’s busy IT department. I am responsible for first and second line user support, desktop life-cycle management and also provide support to the organisation’s IT systems.

To be a member of the GÉANT crew is, for me, an honour. I am privileged to work with the leading organisation responsible for the development of a terabit network that connects millions of researchers, scientists, academics and students around the world. The very thought of moving research data around the globe and transforming it into knowledge is itself inspiring.​


I really enjoy GÉANT’s international and multicultural atmosphere. The people I work with come from all corners of the globe and most of them speak more than one language; with such a fantastic mix of cultures there is so much that we can all learn from one another.

Shortly I will be joining the Software Engineering Department: a career progression supported and facilitated by my line manager who has encouraged me to make the most of my academic qualifications and ambitions. This career move means so much for my professional and personal growth and I feel that it is proof that with the right combination of ability, encouragement and ambition, everyone can excel at GÉANT.

Since I joined I was able to attend several training courses and further learning and development opportunities are regularly available; GÉANT is geared up to support its employees in their chosen career paths.

I am surrounded by highly educated people; my colleagues are all professional and very experienced. We are like the crew of a special ship destined for plain sailing on an intrepid voyage. ​

omar_mobile.jpgAbout​ Omar

I was born and raised in Palestine and in 2004, after being awarded a scholarship I moved to London to complete a BEng Honours degree in Computer Systems Engineering at City University. In 2011, after the award of a second scholarship, I obtained an MSc degree in Cognitive Computing at London Goldsmiths University. I am now based in Cambridge and consider myself very lucky to live in this amazing city.