​Life at GÉANT

"Invest in young talent​​"


What attracted you to GÉANT?

I joined GÉANT in 2012, the organisation’s international environment and atmosphere attracted me straight away and still suit me perfectly.  After spending most of my career in multinational corporations I jumped at the opportunity to join a smaller and not-for-profit company like GÉANT. It’s a truly unique place to work, its set-up is ideal and I can see a clear career development path ahead of me. 

Tell us about what you do GÉANT

Since I joined GÉANT I have been learning continuously. My job as Project Management Assistant is very dynamic and never repetitive. I work with various Project Development Officers on different and exciting initiatives. I also have ownership of specific projects, mainly focussing on education. 


Only few months after starting, my manager and mentor retired and I inherited the leadership of a specific activity within the GÉANT Project GN4-1. It was reporting time and I needed to coordinate, present and also defend the activity’s specific results. It was quite an intense period, but I received incredible support from my colleagues in the Project Office who helped me enormously; I was overwhelmed with their kindness, guidance and direction. ​


I am part of the growing Learning and Development team. The focus of a major project I am currently working on is to look for and engage with young talents and attract them to our community, specifically I refer to the National Research and Educations Networks (NRENs) community to which GÉANT belongs. The exciting new programme is entitled Future Talent Fund and is currently being deployed across Europe. One of the project’s initiatives is to enable all NRENs to encourage students to submit a proposal for a talk at TNC 17, our forthcoming major annual conference. Hopefully the first of many new programmes and activities of this type. As a mother of three teen agers, I feel this project very close to my heart; we need to provide young people with the best tools to shape the world of tomorrow. 

About Nadia

nadia_mobile.jpgI am originally from the Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao, but I have lived in the Netherlands since childhood. I pursued my higher education in Amsterdam where I achieved a bachelor degree in Business Economics and Linguistics.  My career prior to joining GÉANT has been very varied: I have worked for international corporations, start-up companies and have also been an entrepreneur. I enjoy the buzz of dynamic organisations and love innovative environments; it’s in my genes!