​Life at GÉANT

"Energy, determination and creativity"


Tell us about your role at GÉA​NT

I head up the recently formed Learning and Development function, my department is responsible for the formalisation of training programmes for GÉANT. We have the unique remit to create value for the organisation through the skills, knowledge and talents of its people.  My five-strong team is responsible for the design and delivery of training courses based on the needs and requirements within GÉANT and its communities. At the same time, taking into consideration market tendencies and strategic goals, we endeavour to be forward-looking with the introduction of knowledge and skills for the future.

What do you most enjo​y about your job?

I have the freedom to create something completely new for GÉANT and our community and feel truly privileged for this opportunity. My motto “where there is a will there is a way” guides me, I like to make things happen, I am determined and result-oriented! My objective is to gather the skills, the deep knowledge and the vast expertise available within GÉANT and bring it all together: it’s like working on a very intriguing puzzle and I enjoy searching, identifying and putting together all its various pieces; I am discovering absolute gems

Every day I remind myself of how lucky I am to operate in such a cross-cultural community.  The GÉANT environment is truly unique, and is endowed with so much creativity, energy and determination. My job is a work in progress and is developing all the time, my objective is to help GÉANT to become more agile and responsive by capitalising on its impressive skills, strengths and competencies.

In addition, GÉANT is part of an amazing international community and since I joined, over a year ago, I have been enjoying the opportunity to travel and visit new places: it is an aspect of my job that I will always find stimulating and will never tire of.​

What are the big opportunitie​s ahead?

We are living in an era of technological revolution; this is very visible everywhere in society, politics, and economy. Everything is being re-imagined and re-invented because of technology. GÉANT can be one of the driving forces of this revolution, it can become an enabler, a driver and a hub of solutions for the technological transformation of the Research and Education world. Things are changing fast and we need to be agile and nimble in order to be able to act quickly, I believe we have all it takes to lead this revolution and we must capture the opportunity now.

irina_mobile.jpgAbout Irina

My roots are in Belarus, but I consider myself a global citizen. The career path that led me to GÉANT started from international higher education and learning and development consultancy.