​Life at GÉ​​​​​ANT

"Code is not lifeless​"​

What do you do and what do you most enjoy about your job at GÉANT?
I am a software engineer, I work with code, but I never forget that the outcome of my programming work will be used by people, so code is not cold or lifeless. I like to think strategically, understand what our National Research and Education Network (NREN) members need, and combine data that adds value to them: a process I thoroughly enjoy. An example of this, is the work I carried out for the Compendium, a project that delivered to NREN members at a glance information of the entire and up-to-date map of GÉANT services in use by the whole NREN community.  

In my job, I have the great opportunity to engage with our customers directly, understand their real requirements and deliver services that they are not yet aware they need.  I am lucky to collaborate with so many clever and driven people within GÉANT’s impressive international community. 

What is special about GÉANT?
At GÉANT, everybody’s contribution is part of a collective effort to benefit the overall NREN community. We truly endeavour to provide value to customers in everything we do. The organisation promotes an atmosphere of partnership, trust and mutual respect. I am amazed by how much I am learning every day at a professional and personal level from such a diverse group of people from all over the world. In particular, what makes me really proud is to belong to an organisation that is also raising the bar of education for our society,​ globally.

christian_mobile.jpgAbout Christ​​​ian

I used to be a middle-distance runner, I rarely won, but I always had the drive to succeed. I am enthusiastic and inspired by innovation and I can openly say that I am not afraid of failure. I endeavour to achieve the ideal balance between passion and drive. I always try to put myself in my customers’ shoes and deliver for them valuable and useful bite-size wins that they can use quickly and successfully. ​