​Selling to GÉA​NT

Working with GÉANT as a supplier for any of the regional networks provides the opportunity to be part of an award winning innovative networking infrastructure for the benefit of global research and education.

The majority of expenditure is for network equipment, connectivity, co-location and network professional services and is procured via GÉANT Association (UK branch)​. As a publicly funded body GÉANT is bound to follow the EC Procurement Directive ensuring that when undertaking any competitions for the award of a contract they:

  • Ensure equal treatment of all suppliers
  • Are non-discriminatory
  • There is mutual recognition of equivalent standards across Europe e.g. certifications
  • Proportional criteria to the services in scope of the contract, e.g. turn-over
  • Have transparency in their conduct 

GÉ​ANT welcomes suppliers wishing to be involved in supplying these elements for any of the projects/networks and invites them to register on our procurement portal.

Supplier can “Register Free” at www.geant-procurement.net and once registered they will receive automatic email notifications of opportunities for the categories they have registered in.

When an opportunity of interest is advertised, suppliers should log back in to the portal, express an interest and then download the procurement documents. All communication during the competition will be formally sent via the portal and supplier’s responses will also be uploaded via the portal.

Other goods and services are procured via public sector framework agreements where available or through a simple competition process via the Cambridge or Amsterdam offices.

More i​nformation

You can contact the procurement team via email at procurement@geant.org ​

Access tender documentation for Connectivity Services via the GEANT eProcurement Portal here