​GÉANT Project deliverab​les


51 deliverables have been delivered for the GN4-1​ iteration of the GÉANT Project. ​GN4-2 will follow shortly.

​​​​​​​​​​D3_2.png9 May 2016
D3.2 Annual Report on Campus Best Practice 
The overall objective of NA3 T2 of GN4-1 is to examine the key challenges for European campus networks, organise working groups and provide an evolving and to-the-point set of best practice documents for the community. D3.2 reports on the results the work carried out in the Task during the year of the GN4-1 project (May 2015 – April 2016).

​​D14-1.png1 May 2016
Deliverable  D14.1 Future Services PoCs: Implementation and Dissemination
GN4-1 JRA2 has developed several Software Defined Networking (SDN)-enabled use cases to address future network service capabilities and operational models for GÉANT and the NRENs. This deliverable constitutes the final report of the JRA2 activity, with a focus on implementation of the five, SDN-based proofs of concept developed by the activity, their demonstrations, dissemination activities, feedback and outlook.
​​D12-3.png1 May 2016
Deliverable D12.3 WebRTC Requirements and R&E Deployment Roadmap
This document reports on results and findings from an investigation into WebRTC conducted by the Service Activity 8 (SA8), Task 2 team of the GN4-1 project. It provides recommendations for the technology's adoption by the European R&E community.

D9-5.png30 April 2016
Deliverable D9.5 User Community Consultation and Use-Case Support Experience
This report provides an overview of the work and results of the GÉANT Enabling Users task in the Trust and Identity Service Development activity (SA5) in the GN4-1 project. Enabling Users is one of several GÉANT tasks in the area of federated identity, supplementing the core eduGAIN service task. The scope of the Enabling Users task is to be an expert partner for research projects that have a need for federated identity management in a global context, to support research communities in improving their ability to use federated identity and generally to promote the use of eduGAIN, the interfederation service created by GÉANT.

D7-2.png30 April 2016
Deliverable D7.2 Performance Monitoring and Verification Framework
The aim of this document is to introduce the basic elements of Performance Monitoring & Verification (PM&V) framework through five essential use cases. An inductive, bottom-up approach using existing PM&V tools, such as perfSONAR(pS), Circuit Monitoring (CMon) and Service Quality Management (SQM) have been chosen to define generic architecture elements.

D13-1.png30 April 2016
Deliverable D13.1 Research and Study Network Technologies – White Paper
This deliverable reports on the work carried out by GN4-1 Joint Research Activity 1 Future Network Topologies, Task 1 Current and Future Network Technologies to investigate the trends and technologies in optical transport networks and how these can be managed to help deliver the concept of zero-touch connectivity. It covers increasing utilisation of the photonic layer; spectral sharing and alien waves; frequency and time distribution; and network dynamicity.

D13-2.png29 April 2016​​​​​​​​​
Deliverable D13.2 Blueprint of Services and Research Plan for Future Work
This deliverable covers the intermediate stage of research within the scope of GN4-1 JRA1, and identifies architecture blueprints for making Zero Touch connectivity available to NREN/GÉANT users. The work reported in the deliverable focuses on two distinct areas, optical networking and radio access, and addresses the related technological challenges and transition to service process.

Issue date: 28 April 2016
Deliverable D3.1 Annual Compendium – 2015
The GÉANT Compendium of National Research and Education Networks in Europe provides an authoritative reference source for anyone with an interest in the development of research and education networking in Europe and beyond. Published since 2001, the Compendium provides information on key areas such as legal form; users; services; traffic; budget and staffing. 94 pages

28 April 2016
Deliverable D13.3 Proposed Network Architectures – White Paper
This deliverable presents the research of JRA T3 and defines a blueprint for a cross-domain and cross-technology information and services exchange platform for the NREN/GÉANT community. It proposes a Zero Touch NaaS concept to deliver an agile programmable network deployed using different traditional and innovative technologies such as Alien Wavelengths, spectrum sharing, the wire-free concept, etc.

27 April 2016
Deliverable D3.3 Annual Report Green Team
This deliverable describes a wide range of initiatives undertaken by the partners in GN4-1 Networking Activity 3 (Status and Trends), to reduce environmental impacts in general, and emission of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in particular. It builds on the previous initiatives undertaken in GN3plus.

​​​​D9-4.png26 April 2016
Deliverable D9.4 Report on Harmonisation Development and Pilots
This deliverable reports on the work of the Trust and Identity Harmonisation Task during GN4-1 to address compatibility and interoperability issues that have arisen in research and education federations, as GÉANT and the NRENs move from national federation provision to global interfederation via eduGAIN.
D11-1.png22 April 2016
Deliverable D11.1 Review of SA7 Online Services Supply Chain Work in GN4-1
During GN4-1, the Service Activity 7 (SA7) team strengthened the project’s capabilities across the services supply chain through joint-NREN efforts to achieve pan-European delivery and adoption of online applications in the cloud. This deliverable presents an overview of the effort and services delivered during the 12-month project, including collaborations that took place across different organisations and countries.

D15-3.png22 April 2016

Deliverable D15.3 Operational GÉANT Trust Broker Pilot Instance

This document provides high-level background and descriptive information about the GÉANT Trust Broker (GNTB) software release identified as Deliverable D15.3 of GN4-1 Joint Research Activity 3 Trust and Identity Research, Task 3 GÉANT Trust Broker, namely, the operational GNTB pilot instance, which was completed on 22 February 2016. The document covers operational GNTB pilot instance achievements (GNTB enhancements, pilot preparations, standardisation work, dissemination), final pilot instance setup, further information, and conclusions and recommendations.​


D8-3.png21 April 2016
Deliverable D8.3 Production Services Report
The Deliverable reports on the services operated in GN4-1 by SA4 T2. Service reports for eduPKI, perfSONAR (both the network monitoring service itself and support for its usage) and FaaS are included.

D15-2.png19 April 2016 

Deliverable D15.2 Report on the Achievements of JRA3 Trust and Identity Research Task 2 Trust and Identity Technologies and Recommendations on Future Work 

This deliverable reports on the achievements of Joint Research Activity 3 Trust and Identity Research, Task 2 Trust and Identity Technologies during GN4-1 in the areas of Certificate Transparency, identity federation extensions, federation technology test tools (FedLab) and multi-factor authentication. It also makes recommendations on future work. 

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11 April 2016
Deliverable D15.1 Report on the Achievements of JRA3 Trust and Identity Research Task 1 Attributes and Authorisations and Recommendations on Future Work

This deliverable reports on the achievements of Joint Research Activity 3 Trust and Identity Research, Task 1 Attributes and Authorisations during GN4-1 in the areas of multiple attribute authorities, distributed authorisation and group management, and a more centralised user-centric approach for identity federations. It also makes recommendations on future work.

6 April 2016
Deliverable D12.2 Videoconferencing Service Assessment and Future Development

This document describes the GÉANT eduCONF videoconferencing service elements and the development work undertaken by the Real-Time Applications Task in GN4-1. A roadmap outlining recommended next steps and strategic goals is provided, as well as a specific value proposition for the Directory Sharing proof-of-concept and anticipated service.

24 February 2016
Deliverable D9.3 Service Approach Specification to Small Site eduroam Adoption

This deliverable investigates the requirements to support the deployment of eduroam at smaller, less well-resourced or experienced eligible sites. It assesses the benefits and value proposition of providing an 'as-a-Service' model of deployment for these users and outlines potential products for Identity Provider and Service Provider deployment.

19 February 2016

Deliverable D8.2: Production Services Common Components and Processes

In this document, SA4 T3 proposes changes to the current GÉANT Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) framework to allow the inclusion of Continual Service Improvement. Several service improvement opportunities have also been analysed, ranging from specific process improvements to the comparison and consolidation of cross-service functionalities.

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17 February 2016

Deliverable D8.1: Service Validation and Testing Process

The services introduced in NRENs production networks are composed of many individual components: people, hardware, software, environment, licenses, etc. The GN4-1 Activity SA4 defined the Service Validation and Testing Process in order to ensure only quality-tested products reach the production environment. D8.1 describes this comprehensive quality evaluation, which is an important part of the GÉANT service lifecycle.

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5 February 2016

Deliverable D4.1: Support for Horizon 2020 – Handbook on How GÉANT will Support Horizon 2020 Projects

The Deliverable provides an overview of how GÉANT fits into the H2020 programme, showcasing the wealth of possible support for H2020 projects. It aims to act as handbook covering the different aspects such as connectivity, international collaborations and user support.

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d9.2_cover.jpg19 November 2015

Deliverable D9.2: Market Analysis for Virtual Organisation Platform as a Service (VOPaaS)​​

Scientific research is at the heart of every European University. Nowadays, such research is no longer an isolate​​d activity, but has evolved into extensive collaboration between networks of researchers in multiple countries. Virtual Organisations (VOs) have emerged as the organisational form of these networks of people and resources.

​The GÉANT Proj​​ect

The project is co-funded by Europe's NRENs and the EU. 


As part of the GÉANT 2020 Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA), the project receives funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 731122 (GN4-2).​​​