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Every issue of CONNECT includes dozens of articles covering the diverse activities of the GÉANT community. This library has been established to provide easier access to that wealth of content, and will grow rapidly ​to include selected articles from all issues. ​

steve-c_small.jpgQ&A: Steve​​ Cotter

Less than a year after his appointment as GÉANT CEO Steve Cotter has already won the support of the European Union in the European Science Cloud​

services_small.jpgDelivering an integrated services p​​​ortfolio

GÉA​NT develops services to sup​​port researchers, educators and innovators - at national, European and international levels.​

GÉANT and the European Open Science Cloud

How GÉANT can help achieve the EC’s vision for Open Science in Europe.

InfiniCortex project

Breaking the walls of supercomputing centres.

Innovating Colosseo

Art and science come together over the network.

The Sound of Space Discovery

GÉANT helps to transform Voyager data into a musical duet.

Q&A with Barbara J. Ryan

Barbara J. Ryan is Secretariat Director of the intergovernmental Group on Earth Observations (GEO).

di4r_small.jpgDigital Infrastruc​tures for Resear​ch 2016​

On 28-30 September Europe’s e-infrastructures  join forces to host the 6rst Digital Infrastructures for Research event, DI4R.

clouds_small.jpgGame-changer for c​lou​​d services

36 NRENs across Europe can now offer a range of IaaS cloud services from leading suppliers to their institutions and users.​

sonification_small.jpg Where data son​​ification and sports medicine meet​​​​

One can only wonder if the author of Harmonices Mundi imagined that the theories he proposed would one day be used in the medical clinic

How the Cloud benefits research and education

Cloud computing offers new opportunities and challenges.

1st European laryngological live surgery broadcast from Poznań

This interactive videoconferencing session took place in December 2015.

The Gender Gap

Women in ICT and the national research and education networking community.

All the world's a stage!

High-speed networks are transforming global arts and humanities.

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